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Commercial Dispute Mediation

When you’re trying to run your business, the last thing you need is a commercial dispute – whether it’s with a supplier or customer over a sale contract; a rent review or renewal problem; an insurance claim, or, frankly, anything that takes your mind off your goals of profitability and growth.

Commercial disputes can lead to litigation; litigation is always time consuming, expensive (often even if you finally win the case) and a huge distraction: it will take over your life for months, or even years. It destroys business relationships and often personal ones too.

Mediation has several advantages as a dispute resolution approach: it’s based on negotiation rather than the decision of a third party (judge, arbitrator, adjudicator) so you can focus on finding a practical solution through problem-solving techniques rather than analysis of legal precedents. It can be set up quickly so time is not wasted. It’s confidential, so the world doesn’t need to know your business. It gives you a chance to salvage business relationships.

Almost all commercial disputes are suitable for resolution through mediation.

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