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Family & Neighbour Mediation

Family Mediation

Fortunately, most of us don’t experience the unpleasantness of a family falling out, but they are undoubtedly on the increase. Second families are commonplace and blood is not always thicker than water. Disputes arise because families don’t always manage to plan ahead in a way that is clear-cut and workable; so wills get challenged; arguments arise over succession to property or provision for dependants. Whether it’s over a will, a divorce or just a failure to be able to get on with a relative, the need to resolve personal disputes is paramount, because they can become all-consuming, very expensive and destructive if allowed to fester.

Mediation is not only an effective tool in resolving disputes after they have begun, but can also be used as a means of preventing disputes from escalating in the first place, by getting the family members into constructive negotiation as soon as a potential problem has been identified.

Neighbour Mediation

Boundary, right of way, drainage and other such neighbour disputes appear to be on the increase. They are usually avoidable, but they happen, and when they do they can ruin lives. The Courts hate them and will give both parties short shrift, so they tend to be expensive for everyone – and usually over something that has little or no intrinsic value.
People get sucked into neighbour disputes, often before they realise what’s happened, and by then it can look like an insoluble problem; but mediation at the earliest possible stage can frequently help neighbours to find a practical solution to the problem, through a focus on the practical issues rather than debating the rights and wrongs, or dwelling on the history of the dispute.

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